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Hello Everyone , Nice to meet you . I have joined here to learn About internet marketing.

No Stupid Question ! Did you feel the time is so fast?

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I'm a geek and I rarely socialising with the outside world!:confused:
At my age of about 20, I felt time goes by fast!:(
do you also feel the same way?

I found several reasons on the internet:

1) scientific theory of time;)

We start with this theory, time is so short, it feels not only originated from a feeling of belonging to a human, but is already well proven scientifically. This is as claimed by Harun Yahya, stating that there are basic frequency which originated from…

No Stupid Question ! Did you feel the time is so fast? ^(

Effective Backlinks Indexer [ RankIndexer.WIN ] | Index your Backlinks

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Bulk URL shortener tool?

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I want to create a different url for each of my bots profiles (to avoid a footprint). So i need to make like 100+ tinyurl which is a pain to do by hand.

Have you seen any tools that automatically do this? Just submit the target url and get a .txt of urls to use.

Is “Youtube + clickbank” still working?!

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Hello guys,

This is my first time to post a thread here, and I hope to find answers from experts or anyone who tried "Youtube+ Clickbank" strategy.

lately, i decided to start a channel where upload videos with low-competition keywords and do some seo to rank them up.

I have here two questions:-

1- sometimes, my confidence in this strategy is going down, and I feel like "I won't success" or something like "this strategy doesn't work anymore" and all of these thoughts are because I'm…

Is "Youtube + clickbank" still working?! ^(

Greetings ಠ‿ಠ

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Greetings all,

Just introducing myself o_O I go by Z. Web/App Dev, been programming for about 8months so far and no plans to look back. I'm super interested in everything tech related whether its hardware, software, and more recently AI/robotics. I've still got a long way to go before I'm comfortable programming in general but I think I've overcome that initial curve where you're reliant on tutorials and guides and I'm more often then not going straight to the documentation to attain…

Greetings ಠ‿ಠ ^(

Selling a zeropark account

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Hi, I am selling my old zeropark account. I have a 139 usd in credit …
so, I sell it in $61 + the account credit $139 = 200 usd…

I accept paypal payment.


hi all

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what's up

Suggest Your Top Working Web 2.0 Blogs 2018

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I am looking to build a web 2.0 PBN on a niche topic for which i need 15 web 2.0 blogs which would allow multiple posts, embedding youtube/pictures, adding contact/about pages etc.

I DO NOT require
1) web 2.0 which allow only single article posting
2) which has any kind of tough moderation system
3) which may remove content after sometime

Kindly post web 2's which have are working for you ( not from old threads)

Should I stop paying for local SEO?

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I own several types of businesses. One of them happens to be a plumbing business that I am a silent partner in.

We are currently paying $2,000 a month and my SEO guy has us ranking well (3 pack and spot 2 or 3 on 1st page. The city is small(50,000) with none of my competition doing any serious SEO.

My second business required me learn some SEO basics. I'm now ranking for many keywords and seeing a constant increase in my organic traffic.

Since I am ranking well on my own site, I'm…

Should I stop paying for local SEO? ^(