So bhw how much did you guys lose in divorces?

Written by  on May 22, 2018

I already know a couple guys here lost a fuckton but when i read @BassTrackerBoats ^( lost 500k i almost died thats to much makes my losses look like shit.

Confession thread

Written by  on May 19, 2018

honestly sometimes I sit down and look at this place and for a long time. I actually think no one here actually real like a type of bot. Like I swear I have a problem and I go on my phone and literally a thread is there with the answer. this didn’t happen once too happened a couple times just happened so you know either it’s s synchronicitiy or you guys are a bot..

shout out to this forum!

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I never laughed so many times scrolling through the lounge and im still in the process of becoming rich so im happy you guys help me without asking for anything in return.

Artificial intelligence is a terrible idea.

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It’s already been created for a while now but they’ve finally let the public know.

Here’s why it’s a terrible idea because when you have an intelligence like that. It will know everything their is no limits on Information capabilities. The thing we have on our side Is time now the issue is. When you have artificial intelligence like and it has its own free will.

Soon enough they see the majority of humans and look at them like leeches. They will justify and destroy humanity. This is the…

Artificial intelligence is a terrible idea. ^(

If you don’t believe in supernatural shit click here.

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Who made the pyramids? please take a second and if you even been to the pyramids they are fucking big. Like first off, without a modern crane how would it be possible to bring those huge heavy limestones?

Main arguments is that they used a fuckton of slaves but now you have to think. How did they bring that many limestone from place x to y. theories say it took 30 years of pure man power. In those time if someone is going to be a slave that long in the hot desert no way they will survive…

If you don't believe in supernatural shit click here. ^(

Reddit upvote groups?

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i need to join one ASAP!! I will be forever grateful for an invite to an active one

School is written by the banks

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I’ve been through a spiritual awakening my whole life changed but made everything crystal clear.

The big banks needed ways to keep the earth wealth in a select few. I’m going to show you some videos that will validate my points.

Those two videos will really explain shit better than I can but tldr for the videos is that all currency is in terms for you guys to understand is like giving someone your feces and saying…

School is written by the banks ^(

Serious journey to 500,000 by January 2019

Written by  on April 17, 2018

I’m going to get laser focused on three different methods.

Instagram + Dropshipping

I already bought proxies and bots still phone verifying the accounts. Still need to do research on my follow sources and will be tweaking things along the way I’m starting with 45 accounts going to aim to follow around 350 a day. I’ll have to find out the limit last time I was going 700-800 a day.

Youtube + Clickbank

Didn’t get started but I read here ranking on YouTube is easier than…

Serious journey to 500,000 by January 2019 ^(

Best marketing books?

Written by  on April 15, 2018

I still have to wait a few weeks until my traffic starts to roll in. I’m trying to optimize my sites for the best conversions same with my accounts. I’m only interest in reading books related to buying and tweaking conversion.

My life just changed

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first off don’t be a dumbass like me, this happened a couple months ago. Some chick on my Twitter was liking my tweets and I decided to dm her. First mistake but anyway we talk for a while, on and off, that’s because I’m a busy person & she never has anything interesting to talk about. Anyway she had a sexy body so I decided to power through. We talked for months and finally I convince her to let me come over. I even bought condoms with me but the wrong size. Literally 5 mins of me in her…

My life just changed ^(