Looking for a cheap creative designer

Written by  on May 25, 2018

For my IG page i need a designer who can design a nice IG profile logo
and some posts with the Logo in it. My budget is not high.
If there are talented designer which can design for cheap prices send me a pm :)

Anyone running SEO tools on home pc?

Written by  on May 17, 2018

I have a good computer with Ryzen CPU and 16 GB of RAM.
Is it ok to use it for seo tools?
or will i have some issues because some ports are blocked?
I heard some ISP block ports due to spamming.
so maybe scrapebox will have issues ?

Anyone using SERengines?

Written by  on May 17, 2018

They have a new version and web layout, did they get better?
I can remember in the beginning they had some issues, what about now?
Do they also add images and videos in their web 2.0s?
How is the sticky rate?

What is the best SMM panel you use?

Written by  on March 9, 2018

I am looking for a reliable SMM panel. There are many negative replies in the market section.
I mostly look for youtube subscribers and instagram likes/followers.
Subscribers must be real and non-drop, but with re-fill guarantee.
Do you have any ideas?
Please dont promote your panel!

What is ?!

Written by  on March 7, 2018

I am not ranking for my site but i am ranking for ""
What does that mean ? Is my site hacked or something?
I have never had this.

How to get Ahrefs account without limitations

Written by  on March 1, 2018

There arent much seo group buy sellers anymore who offer ahrefs.
did something happen to ahrefs?
and if you register ahrefs with a VCC or from group buy its always limited.
it doesnt show the full keywords of a website and its ranking.
how to get full version of ahrefs except buying it ;)

How many articles do you add in your web 2.0s?

Written by  on February 28, 2018

When you create a wordpress property for example, how many articles do you add?
Are 5 articles enough ? Also do you add a backlink to your site in every article or only in 1-2 and the others with authority links.
can i use 5 spun articles which are 100% copyscaped for my 5 web 2.0 posts or will google will find this out?