Services Website in 2018 – Need Advice to Rank

Written by  on May 17, 2018

Hey Guys,

I have an old website from 2016 that used to do really well back then, it offered a variety of services to local people all around the country, you know the kind:
Dentist in Alabama
Dentist in (Town Name)
Electrician in (Area)

In 2017, I lost nearly all of my traffic to Google Local. My pages don't rank aswell either.
I have over 75 services in 50 different areas, so almost 3,750 pages, all of which are indexed and rank.

However, they are all position #3 – #25. My question:

Services Website in 2018 – Need Advice to Rank ^(

Digital Ocean Problems

Written by  on March 31, 2018

Hey Guys, i've seen Digital Ocean featured a lot on here and it seems to have great feedback so I signed up last night. But to be honest, this is the worst service i've ever had, can somebody help me understand how they are so good? So far the response from their support was 'git gud'.

Basically, I signed up to hosting and they sent me login details to a linux console, so now I have a blank server and have to do everything myself.. which primarily is just stupid as this will put off so…

Digital Ocean Problems ^(

Link Building Velocity

Written by  on March 22, 2018

Hey All,

I need your advice before buying a link package. I have 25 URL's that I want to rank and I think that I only need 4 links max per URL. Would you:

A) Build 1 link to all 25 URL's every month for 4 months. (A very slow drip feed of links for every post monthly)
B) Build 4 links to 6 of my URL's, then next month build 4 more links to 6 URL's. (A quick link method but will mean links now and none in the future)
C) A much better idea that you have :p

I'm thinking that a slow drip feed…

Link Building Velocity ^(

Microsoft Office 365 – Been using it free for ages

Written by  on February 27, 2018

This may be really old news, i'm only posting this in case nobody else knew, sorry if this is useless information (sorry not sorry).

I was paying a monthly fee for Microsoft office 365 for about 2 or 3 years and cancelled it six months ago. Every time I load up the software, it tells me that I don't have a subscription.. but lets me use it anyway. Anyhow, i've been using it free for half a year now and it works like before with no problems atall.

Just a little thing for those of us on a…

Microsoft Office 365 – Been using it free for ages ^(