iMacros is the number 1 software for IM

Written by  on May 23, 2018

i've said this before, but i believe imacros is truly the best software for internet marketing related purposes. it's just so good and it never ceases to amaze me. you can use imacros for ANYTHING. literally anything. automating your browser, extracting data, filling in forms, etc, etc. it has so many valuable uses in many areas. it is like the swiss army knife of IM. i can't think of anything that comes close, maybe scrapebox? but that is mainly used for SEO. imacros is so good because it…

iMacros is the number 1 software for IM ^(http://mitramarathi.club/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/imacros-is-the-number-1-software-for-im.1031728/)

i failed at paid traffic doing dropshipping

Written by  on May 22, 2018

now i'm trying free traffic, let's see if i fail at that :)

Should i keep this facebook ad running?

Written by  on May 21, 2018


$7.56 spent so far and only 1 add to cart. product listed at $44.99, profit is about $20 if i make a sale. is it worth it to continue with this until i hit $20 ad spend? do these results look good?

Dropshipping trademarked products WORKS, but don’t do it for long

Written by  on May 20, 2018

i recently stepped into a new niche. i've been struggling to generate consistent profits for a while now so i decided to just say screw it and put up a trademarked product. this isn't knock off product, it's just something that has characters of a very popular game on it. i've only been running a facebook ad for less than an hour and i'm already seeing cost per impression at LESS THAN 1 CENT. also have a >2% CTR and already a few post likes.

i wouldn't be surprised if this thing sells like…

Dropshipping trademarked products WORKS, but don't do it for long ^(http://mitramarathi.club/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/dropshipping-trademarked-products-works-but-dont-do-it-for-long.1031099/)

how do you target a facebook page’s followers with your facebook ads?

Written by  on May 20, 2018

so i found a competitor in my niche. he has a facebook page with 100k followers. he built a brand around exactly what i was thinking of doing and he has tons of people on his page sharing posts, buying his products, etc. basically a dedicated die hard fan base.

now my question is: how exactly do i take all the followers of that page and blast them with my ads? i want to create a similar store in that niche and springboard off this person's success. at first once i start getting some initial…

how do you target a facebook page's followers with your facebook ads? ^(http://mitramarathi.club/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/how-do-you-target-a-facebook-pages-followers-with-your-facebook-ads.1030948/)

facebook ads tip: make 5-10 layers using flex targeting

Written by  on May 18, 2018

when i started facebook ads i was told to do flex targeting. which is starting with 1 interest and then narrowing further by adding other interests. so i would do 3 layers, interest 1 + interest 2 + interest 3. that got me decent results on a recent ad i put up. about 2.8% CTR, 2 conversions and 600 something impressions, total amount spent $21. not bad, i ended up breaking even and profiting $1-2 dollars.

the way i see it, i paid for data and got my money back, free data is good. then what…

facebook ads tip: make 5-10 layers using flex targeting ^(http://mitramarathi.club/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/facebook-ads-tip-make-5-10-layers-using-flex-targeting.1030710/)

testing new ad sets, hopeful results so far

Written by  on May 17, 2018

still dropshipping and using facebook ads. new niche, these results look hopeful so far!

Facebook ads small tip: audiences less than 100k give lower CPM

Written by  on May 8, 2018

i'm not sure if this was obvious but small audiences result in less cost per thousand impressions or cost per impression. took me a while to realize this but i was making ads for over 500k+ audiences and was getting 0.03-0.04 per impression which is a fuckton to me. i would prefer 1 cent per impression. what i realized is that in order to get these 1 cent impressions your audience needs to be small, ideally less than 100k. don't ask me why or how this works. i've tried several different…

Facebook ads small tip: audiences less than 100k give lower CPM ^(http://mitramarathi.club/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/facebook-ads-small-tip-audiences-less-than-100k-give-lower-cpm.1027637/)

What is the best facebook ad placements for eCommerce store?

Written by  on May 1, 2018

i started a dropshipping store and running facebook ads. so far i'm running these ad placements: facebook feeds (mobile and desktop), facebook messenger and instagram feeds. are ads in the facebook messenger likely to convert? the only guidance i know of is to stay away from the audience network and for the most part the right column desktop area

finally got some results with shopify + fb ads

Written by  on April 26, 2018


have been doing dropshipping. been at it for about a week, put up 4-5 ads, finally hit something. i took the advice of flex targeting and i think it is working. have increased my budget for the ad now and will put up more ads in the same niche