Your PBN’s Quality – What factors are you using?

Written by  on May 27, 2018

What are all the factors you consider while building your PBN and consider it safe and good to boost your money site's rank?

Foot Prints:
Domain Registrar
CMS (wordpress etc..)
Server Data Center (Liquid web, rackspace, linode, AWS etc.)
Analytics & Tracking codes, ID's (google etc..)
Linking out to similar domains
Front End Themes
Onsite Content Similarity
Made for PBN Look & Feel
No. of Pages similarities
Social Profiles for each site
Rich Media…

Your PBN's Quality – What factors are you using? ^(

Looking For Someone to make a Viral Content finder

Written by  on May 27, 2018

"For the content I got a programmer to make me a viral content finder. It only downloads post that had extraordinarily high engagement. The formula is a bit complicated."

A guy I know uses one of these for his instagram accounts. I was wondering if anyone knows how to make this and/or integrate it with Jarvee's Campaigns. Thanks!

WTH- Serious Amazon SEO Person for Serious Brand – Will pay top $$

Written by  on May 27, 2018

Looking to hire a serious Amazon SEO expert, none of this BS, secret techniques that you take our money and disappear. We have a branded line of products that are quality products, some are ranking top in spots, others not. We're looking for the real deal Amazon SEO specialist that can help us get quality branded products ranked in competitive categories. We have a large PPC spend that is currently in place, we have a healthy budget for giveaways, discounts, freebies and we can supply this…

WTH- Serious Amazon SEO Person for Serious Brand – Will pay top $$ ^(

How to Use Bing Coupons Without getting Banned?

Written by  on May 27, 2018

Guys, I need some advice on how to use bing coupons without getting banned?

I guess new Ip Address, new credit card, different domain, etc.

What works for you?

Can we still promote cpa offers on bing?

email list with names, phone numbers, and demographic data

Written by  on May 27, 2018

I have been acquiring "opt ins" and figured I should share the love. Everyone is granted a lifetime lease of my "opt in" list!

I will be giving away 1k emails eventually just not sure when, hopefully i get good feedback then i might

Looking Local Optimized Websites Design

Written by  on May 27, 2018

Im working on a few local web design projects in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

Looking Local Optimized Websites Design GIG, I need the following


Responsive on mobile devices and built with security measures in place.


Handwritten and edited for grammatical errors and ensure content is local optimized


Websites need to be built to rank. JSON schema, optimized content and interlinking, and Geo specific optimization.


Looking Local Optimized Websites Design ^(

Looking to have website built – health niche

Written by  on May 27, 2018


I have a domain

I want it to be a story about "Jen" and her weight loss journey

I want a good looking site that loads fast and is very mobile friendly (responsive theme)

I DO NOT NEED ANY ARTICLES..(but i would consider having 4-5 of them done by you that are health related, as long as they are READABLE and not badly spun articles)..I ONLY NEED YOU TO SET UP AN "ABOUT ME"


Looking to have website built – health niche ^(

Looking for new Companies that DropShip

Written by  on May 26, 2018

Title says it all, if you know of any do let me know! Thanks!

Easy photoshop work

Written by  on May 26, 2018


I need someone to design very basic kind of "logo". It won't take more than 60 minutes for a person with some experience and basic photoshop skills. Feel free to PM me your skype and your hourly rate.

Should i start with youtube?

Written by  on May 26, 2018

Hi folks!

I will make this as short as i can.

I have under a very long time want to start with youtube. To educate people in fitness and health (in my own language)
– but i am a little bit shy… what people will think around me, (i have a few haters, as we all have)
– can i use my phone to record, is that good enough? (iphone 8 plus)
– Should i start a business directly? because i need to pay taxes and all that stuff, or do i sign up with a network when a start making money? (i know…

Should i start with youtube? ^(